Why Aren’t Artists Taken Seriously???

Not seeing art as a real job has always been a crazy thought to me. For me, it is about the lack of respect artists get for putting so much time and energy into their creativity. I have seen so many talented individuals displaying their work on social media and I have seen a lot of these same individuals share their experiences of dealing with unnecessary levels of rudeness when it comes to commissions. It is quite simple to say that if you like the look of something, you should be happy to pay for it, no? It is not any different than walking into a store and picking off an item from the shelves. It is important to respect whatever rates the designer charges.

When someone creates art, they are expressing themselves onto a canvas. Art can also be used to educate, inspire, even entertain. Overall, it has a huge influence on a lot of things in the world. So to go back to my question of why artists are not taken seriously for what they do, it is actually a very important question to think about, since it is obvious that artists play a huge role in shaping the culture of our society.

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  • I agree. As an artist myself, I feel like there definitely needs to be more appreciation of how much goes into a piece of art!


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